Vespula Rufa


Vespula Rufa, commonly known as the red wasp, is a social wasp species belonging to the genus Vespula. It is found in northern and central Europes and parts of Asia.

They are also found in parts of North America. Vespula Rufa is characterised by red-brown markings and body segmentation, with the appearance varying amongst the different roles of individuals in the species.

The wasp builds a small nest in dry underground banks that are not far below the surface.

red wasp

The colony cycle begins in the fall. Vespula Rufa feeds on live insects. An interesting fact about Vespula Rufa is that the queen policing occurs in the species and the worker policing occurs at much slower rates than other species in the genus Vespula.

There are also predators and parasites of the species. The species goes through many events before leaving the nest.

Vespula Rufa is the member of the genus Vespula. The species is most closely related to the Vespula Squamosa.


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