Velko Valkanov, Bulgarian politician, Died at 88

Veljko Vulkanov Ivanov was born on November 16, 1927, and died on November 26, 2016.
He was a Bulgarian lawyer and politician.
Valkanov graduated from “Law” at Sofia University.
Valkanov became a candidate of legal sciences (Leipzig, East Germany) and Doctor of Juridical Science, and Senior Research Associate.
Valkanov worked at the Institute of State and Law of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
Valkanov was elected MP in the 7th Grand National Assembly (1990-1991), 36th (1991 to 1994), 37th (1994 to 1997) and 38th (1997-2001) National Assembly.
He was the Honorary Chairman of the Bulgarian Anti-Fascist Union (successor of the Union of fighters against fascism) and Chairman of the Foundation “Georgi Dimitrov”.
Velko Valkanov passed away at 88 years old.