Vehid Gunić, Bosnian journalist, Died at 76


Vehid Gunić was born on February 9, 1941, and died on April 29, 2017.

He was a Bosnian journalist.

Gunić worked for many years as a journalist, presenter, and editor for Radio Television Sarajevo, later Radio Television Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Gunić has so far published some twenty books of historical studies, travel writings, interviews, documentary prose, and several books of sevdalinka with commentary.

Gunić’s titles include: ‘Kozarac as it once was’, ‘Notes on the universality of ignoramuses’, ‘Bosnia of my birth, we have gone far away’, ‘The beauty of returning to Bosnia’, ‘Sevdalinka about cities’, ‘Meraklije’, ‘Fear of smoking’, ‘Sarajevo’s screams’, and others.

Gunić’s books have been published in Norway, Switzerland, and Australia as well as Bosnia.

He was for years among the most popular Bosnian journalists.

After the outbreak of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992, he edited and presented the then Sarajevo Television series “Meraklije’, which was one of the most popular programs in the former common homeland, with among the highest viewer ratings.

During the latest programs in this series, Gunic rescued from oblivion and preserved for posterity numerous Bosnian folk songs, sevdalinka.

Vehid Gunić passed away at 76 years old.