Vasco Nunes, Portuguese cinematographer, Died at 41

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Vasco Alves Henriques Lucas Nunes was born on December 13, 1974, in Lisbon, and died on March 11, 2016, in Los Angeles.

He was a Portuguese cinematographer, producer, and film director.

During the year 2003, Nunes graduated from the AFI Conservatory with a master’s degree in Cinematography, yet had begun working in the film and television industry in the early ’90s.

Vasco Nunes became apart part of the official collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and has garnered international cinematography awards, two Grand Jury Prizes at Sundance, a Peabody Award, a Golden Eagle Award for Investigative Journalism from CINE, an International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam Special Jury Prize, and film selections at all major film festivals, as well as executed major advertising campaigns and music projects.

Vasco Nunes passed away at 41 yrs old.