Ulrich Beck, German sociologist, Died at 70

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Ulrich Beck, born May 15, 1944, and died on January 1, 2015.
He was a well-known German sociologist, and one of the most cited social scientists in the world during his lifetime.
Beck work focused on questions of uncontrollability, ignorance and uncertainty in the modern age, and he coined the terms “risk society” and “second modernity” or “reflexive modernization”.
He also tried to overturn national perspectives that predominated in sociological investigations with a cosmopolitanism that acknowledges the interconnectedness of the modern world.
Beck was a professor at the University of Munich and also held appointments at the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (FMSH) in Paris, and at the London School of Economics.
Ulrich Beck passed away at age 70 from a heart attack in January 2015.