Tony Rosato, Italian-Canadian actor, Died at 82


Tony Rosato was born on December 26, 1954, in Naples, Italy, and died on January 10, 2017.

He was an Italian-Canadian actor and voice actor.

Rosato appeared in television and movies in both Canada and the United States.

He was born and raised in Halifax, Ottawa, and Toronto.

Rosato planned to study chiropractic medicine but dropped out of the University of Toronto after he began doing improv comedy at The Second City.

Initially, he gained attention when he and Robin Duke joined the cast of the first incarnation of SCTV in its final season during the fall of 1980.

Tony’s most well-known character on the program was a notoriously drunk TV chef named Marcello Sebastiani.

His wife was Leah, they had a child together.

Tony Rosato passed away at 82 years old.