Tom Mintier, American television journalist, Died at 68

Tom Mintier was born in 1948, and died on September 18, 2016.

He was a correspondent for CNN.

Tom covered a number of historic events.

Mintier was hired by CNN in 1980.

During 1986, he was the only TV broadcaster live on-air when the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster occurred.

During November 1989, Mintier reported live from the Brandenburg Gate at the Berlin Wall.

In April 1992, he became the CNN Bangkok, Thailand bureau chief.

As he was still working for CNN, he was also located at the United States Central Command near Doha, Qatar, at the start of the Iraq war.

Mintier was the CNN London bureau chief, on January 1, 2000.

Tom Mintier appeared in the 2004 film Control Room and also other movies.

He died in Thailand.

Tom Mintier passed away at 68 years old.