Timothy Pesci, American politician, Died at 72


Timothy L. Pesci was born on June 26, 1944, and died on September 28, 2016.
He was a former Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, where he represented the 60th legislative district from 1989 to 2000.
Pesci was first elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in a special election on May 16, 1989, following the death of Henry Livengood.
During the 2000 election, he was defeated for re-election by 25-year-old Republican Jeff Coleman, in spite of the district being 70% Democratic.
However, the House Democratic Leader, Bill DeWeese said that Pesci had run a “condescending” race against Coleman, calling his opponent “Jeffy” and describing Coleman’s campaign volunteers as “the Children from the Corn,” referring to the horror film.
Timothy Pesci passed at 72 years old.