Theodor Cazaban, French writer, Died at 95


Theodor Cazaban was born on April 2, 1921, in Fălticeni, Romania, and died on March 4, 2016, in Versailles, France.

He was a Romanian anti-communist writer.

Theodor graduated from the University of Bucharest with a degree in letters, and fled to France in 1947.

During his time in Paris, Cazaban was a staff member of the anti-communist newspaper ‘La Nation Roumaine’ and contributed to the broadcasts of Radio Free Europe.

Theodor Cazaban published his novel ‘Parages’ in 1963, in which he describes Communist persecutions of Romanian intellectuals, such as Mircea Eliade, Emil Cioran, Eugène Ionesco and others.

Theodor Cazaban passed away at 95 yrs old.