The Western Honey Bee


The Western Honey Bee is typically known as the “European Honey Bee” which is the most common of the 7 – 12 species of honey bees worldwide.

Like all honey bee species, the western honey bee is eusocial creating colonies with a single fertile female (“queen”), many normally non-reproductive females or workers, and a small portion of fertile males or “drones”.

The Western Honey Bee

The Western Honey Bee

The Western Honey Bee was one of the first domesticated insects and is the primary species maintained by most beekeepers to this day for its excellent honey production and pollination activities.

With human support, the Western Honey Bee occupies every continent except Antarctica.

Western bees are typically threatened by pests and diseases such as the “Varroa mite”.

Western honey bees are an important model organism in scientific studies, particularly in the fields of social evolution, learning, and memory.


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