The European Hornet


The European Hornet is the largest wasp native to Europe. It is also the only real hornet found in North America.

Having been introduced by European settlers in the 1800s.

The European Hornet is usually regarded as a menace by humans who encounters it.

The hornet, is known for making a paper-like nest out of plant materials and fibres.

Unlike other vespines, reproductive suppressions involve worker policing instead of queen pheromone control.

The European Hornet

The European Hornet

This species stings when either being stepped on or grabbed aggressively, but usually passive and avoids conflict.

It is also very defensive of its nest and can act very aggressive around food sources.

Utmost care should be taken when they are found within these environments as they could sting without any warning!

Vespa Crabro is carnivorous and hunts large insects like beetles, wasp and large moths, etc. They also feed on fruit and many sources of sugary food.


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