Terry Kohler, American businessman, Died at 82

Terry Kohler was born on May 14, 1934, and died on September 20, 2016.
He was a member of the Kohler family of Wisconsin.
He was an American businessman, Wisconsin Republican Party leader, sportsman, philanthropist, and conservationist.
Kohler’s full-time association with the Vollrath Company began in 1963.
During 1976, Terry became the seventh president of the company.
He became chairman of the board and chief executive officer in 1982.
With his leadership, the company expanded dramatically.
During July 1984, Lowell North sold his famous sailmaking company to Kohler, and in January 1989, North Sails and the Vollrath Company became separate corporations under the Windway Capital Corporation, a holding company.
He President and Chairman of the Board of Windway Capital Corporation, Chairman of North Technology Group, and is on the board at Vollrath.
He died at his home in Sheboygan.
Terry Kohler passed away at 82 years old.