Tavin Pumarejo, Puerto Rican actor, Died at 84

Octavio Ramos Pumarejo was born on October 12, 1932, and died on September 12, 2016.
He was known professionally as Tavín Pumarejo.
Tavin was a Puerto Rican jíbaro singer and comedian.
He was well known for his work as a comedy actor on Puerto Rican television, Pumarejo released 16 albums of Puerto Rican music, with some of them becoming major hits in the island.
Ramos Pumarejo began to work on Puerto Rican television when producer Paquito Cordero began producing a noon variety show called El Show de las 12 on Telemundo Puerto Rico, WKAQ-TV.
To make sure that the public remembered him, he used his relatively uncommon maternal last name as part of his stage name.
And like other popular Puerto Rican characters (José Miguel Agrelot’s “Don Cholito”, and Machuchal), Pumarejo donned a “pava” (a Puerto Rican peasant straw hat) for his television appearances.
Then pava became a staple on Pumarejo’s life, as he began using it in almost every personal appearances, and on interviews with newspapers and magazines.
He also earned the nickname of “El Hígado de Ganso” (“The Goose’s Liver”, or more accurately, foie gras).
He was well known for his self-deprecating sense of humor and physical comedy style, which closely resembles that of a young Jerry Lewis.
Ramos also a stutterer, something that he constantly makes humorous references to in his live performances.
Example, he claims that a television comedy sketch featuring himself, Adrián García and Marcos Betancourt, all stammerers, would be four hours long.
Tavin Pumarejo passed away at 85 years old.