Tage Skou-Hansen, Danish writer, Died at 90


Tage Skou-Hansen was born on February 12, 1925, and died on November 11, 2015.

He was a Danish writer, editor and scholar.

Born in the town of Fredericia, Tage graduated from Marselisborg Gymnasium in Aarhus and became a student of history of literature at Aarhus University.

As a student, Tage worked as an editor of two literary magazines, before the publication of his first novel, De Nøgne Træer (The Bare Trees), in 1957.

After receiving his degree, Tage taught literature at Askov Højskole for nine years, before concentrating on writing from 1967.

Apart from his novels, Tage works also includes two plays and a realized film manuscript.

Tage has received many prizes and scholarships throughout his career.

De nøgne træer has been translated into English as The Naked Trees and led to a film with the same title in 1991.

The story is set in the milieu of the resistance movement, during the German occupation of Denmark.

Tage passed away at age 90 in November 2015.