Syd Lowdon, English rugby league player, Died at 81


Sidney “Syd” A. Lowdon was born in 1936, in Whitehaven district, Cumberland and died on February 27, 2017,

He was English rugby league player.

Syd was an English butcher (at the Co-op in Salford circa-1957–59), rugby union, and professional rugby league footballer of the 1950s, and 1960s, playing rugby union (RU) for British Army whilst on National Service alongside; Great Britain (RL) players Billy Boston, Phil Jackson, and Mick Sullivan, and Scotland (RU) player Ken Scotland.

He also played at representative level rugby league (RL) for Cumberland, and at club level for Whitehaven (captain), Salford, and Workington Town, as a Wing, or Centre.

Syd Lowdon passed away at 81 years old.