Srđan Dizdarević, Bosnian diplomat and journalist, Died at 63


Srđan Dizdarevic was born on September 29, 1952, in Sarajevo and died on February 16, 2016.
He was a Yugoslav and Bosnian journalist, diplomat and activist.
Srđan comes from a notable Yugoslav and Bosnian anti-fascist family of Bosniak descent, whose members are former politicians and diplomats.
The young diplomat graduated in 1976 from the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Sarajevo.
Srđan also studied political science in Paris.
Srđan Dizdarevic father Nijaz Dizdarevic was a former ambassador to Baghdad, Algiers and Paris; his uncle Faik Dizdarevic has longtime been ambassador to Tehran, Algiers and Madrid; and his uncle Raif Dizdarevic was a foreign minister of the former Yugoslavia and the president of the Presidency of both socialist Bosnia and Herzegovina (1978-1982) and Yugoslavia (1988-1989).
He was a professional journalist for over ten yrs.
During 1978, he worked as director and editor in chief of the “children and youth press” branch of the daily Oslobodjenje.
From 1981, Srđan was assistant chief editor of the Oslobodjenje.
Following the death of Tito, since his family name is becoming a liability, Srđan looks for a period abroad.
Dubravka became his wife on August 12, 1972.
Over the period of his university years, he was responsible for the international relations of the Young Socialists’ Association.
Srđan Dizdarević passed away at 63 yrs old.