Spanish cartoonist Forges Died at 76


Antonio Fraguas de Pablo, better known as Forges was born on 17 January 1942 and died on 22 February 2018.

He was a Spanish graphic humorist.

Antonio Fraguas de Pablo’s artistic name is based on the translation to Catalan of the word “forges”.

He was born in Madrid.

He was the son of a Catalan mother and Galician father (the writer and journalist Antonio Fraguas Saavedra), was baptized with the name Rafael Antonio Benito Fraguas de Pablo, and spent his childhood in a large family in which he is the second of nine brothers.

de Pablo was a bad student, but a great reader of Richmal Crompton and his books on William Brown.

Antonio Fraguas de Pablo studied in Madrid high school (at the Cervantes Institute) and telecommunications engineering -which did not end- and Social Sciences.

During 1956, at age 14, he began working as a telecine technician at Televisión Española and as an image mixer since 1962.

Antonio left the TVE staff as a Study Coordinator in 1973 to dedicate himself professionally to graphic humor.

Antonio had published his first drawing in 1964 in the newspaper Pueblo, by the hand of Jesus Hermida, and then went on to Informaciones.

Jesús de la Serna entrusted him with the editorial joke.

Forges did military service as an artillery fighter, and married Pilar Garrido Cendoya and had three daughters and a son; in 1970 he began to collaborate in Diez Minutos and worked in the humor magazines Hermano Lobo, Por Favor and El Jueves, and in the weekly Sábado Gráfico, Interviú, Lecturas, etc.

Since 1982, Forges published the editorial joke in Diario 16 and later in El Mundo, but he left this newspaper after having been one of its seven founders, and in 1995 he went on to sign El País’s editorial joke.

He died at 76 years old.