Soita Shitanda, Kenyan politician, Died at 56

Soita Shitanda died on May 24, 2016.

He was a politician from Kenya.

Soita came from New Ford Kenya and he was elected to represent the Malava Constituency in the National Assembly of Kenya.

The politician represented Malava constituency from 1997, after he ousted the then, Minister of Health, Mr. Joshua Angatia in the general election, vying on a Ford Kenya ticket.

In 2002, Soita Shitanda was re-elected to parliament on the NARC ticket and served as an assistant minister in the office of the president, before he was appointed minister for housing in a cabinet reshuffle in 2005.

Then Soita Shitanda was again re-elected in the Kenyan parliamentary election, of 2007 and re-appointed Minister for Housing.

He died at Nairobi Hospital.

Soita Shitanda passed away at 56 yrs old.