Sofía Ímber, Romanian-born Venezuelan journalist, Died at 92


Sofía Ímber was born on May 8, 1924, and died on February 20, 2017.

She was a Romanian-born Venezuelan journalist and supporter of the arts.

Ímber was the founder of the Contemporary Art Museum of Caracas.

Sofía Ímber was born to Jewish parents Naum Ímber and Ana Barú, in Soroca, Kingdom of Romania (now Moldova)

Sofía Ímber relocated to Venezuela with her family when she was four years old, in 1930.

She married Venezuelan journalist and diplomat Guillermo Meneses.

Sofía’s sister was Lya Imber, the first woman to receive a medical degree in Venezuela.

She has three daughters Sara, Adriana, Daniela Meneses Imber and a son, Pedro Guillermo, who died in 2014.

Sofía Ímber passed away at 92 years old.