Siegfried Herrmann, German Olympic long-distance runner, Died at 84


Siegfried Herrmann was born on November 7, 1932, and died on February 14, 2017.

He was a German long-distance runner.

Just before the 1956 Olympics his time in the 1500 m, was only 1.2 seconds behind the world record.

Unfortunately, he injured himself, by tore an Achilles tendon at the Olympics and failed to reach the final.

Later, he had changed to longer distances and at the 1964 Summer Olympics finished 11th in the 10,000 m event.

Du1965 he set a world record in 3000 m. Next year he finished second in this event at the 1966 European Indoor Games.

After retirement from competitions, between 1976 and 2000 he worked as a athletics coach.

Siegfried Herrmann passed away at 843 years old.