Sibylle Boden-Gerstner, German costume designer and fashion writer, Died at 96

Sibylle Boden-Gerstner (née Boden) was born on August 17, 1920, and died December 25, 2016.

She was a German costume designer, artist and fashion writer.

During 1956, Boden-Gerstner founded the East German arts and fashion magazine which bore her name, Sibylle, working with the publication as its editor in chief till 1961.

She had two daughters: Daniela Dahn, born in 1949, is a writer, journalist, and controversialist.

Sibylle considered herself a dissident as a young woman in the German Democratic Republic, and continues to be an establishment critic of the unified Germany.

Sonja Gerstner (de) (1952–1971) was a writer and painter that had first showed signs of psychosis when she was 16 and committed suicide three years later

Sibylle Boden-Gerstner passed away at 96 years old.