Shlomo Erell


Israeli military general Shlomo Erell was born in 1920, in Poland and died in 2018.

Erell was a Major General in the IDF, and the seventh Commander of the Israeli Navy.

was taken to Mandate Palestine by his folks in 1926. His family moved to Petah Tikva, however in the long run settled in Tel Aviv.

In his childhood, Erell was an individual from the Betar youth development.

With the episode of World War II Erell joined the British vendor marine.

In January 1941 his ship was sunk by a torpedo from a German u-vessel.

He was protected and in the wake of recovering, he came back to the naval force.

After the war, Erell was released from the Navy at the rank of commander.

With the episode of 1948 Arab– Israeli War Shlomo Erell joined the Israeli Navy and he turned into the commander of the Israeli Naval vessel Palmach.

The Palmach was credited with numerous tasks in the Sinai and in Lebanon including the sinking of Adolf Hitler’s yacht off the bank of Beirut.

After the war, he proceeded as an IDF officer. He held numerous posts including being the IDF military attaché in the Israeli international safe haven in Italy, and administrator of the Israeli Navy’s rocket ships.

In January 1966 he was elevated to the rank of Aluf (Major General) and turned into the Commander of the Israeli Navy.

In 1968 Erell surrendered from his posts as Commander of the Israeli Navy and he resigned from the IDF.

Subsequent to resigning, he got a graduate degree in the organization from Columbia University.

During the 1970s Erell turned into an individual from the Likud party and every once in a while he was gotten by Israeli pioneers as a counsel of Naval issues.

Shlomo Erell passed away at 98 years old.


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