Shettima Ali Monguno, Nigerian politician, Died at 95


Shettima Ali Monguno C.F.R. was born in 1926, in Monguno-Borno state, and died on July 8, 2016, in Maiduguri.
He was a Nigerian educationalist and politician.
Shettima Ali Mongunoattended Monguno primary school, Teacher’s College Bauchi and Katsina, college of arts, science and technology Zaria, Moray House college of education and the University of Edinburgh.
Shettima Ali Monguno was M.P. in 1959, education secretary and councilor for education, works and social welfare Borno, local Government 1959-65.
The Federal minister for Air Force and internal affair 1965-66, federal commissioner for trade and industries 1967-71 minister mines and power, petroleum and energy 1972-75.
He was also President, OPEC, 1972/1973.
Shettima Ali Monguno was Presidential Candidate during the Option A4 Elections in the early 1990s in Nigeria.
In 1968, Shettima Ali Monguno leader of Nigerian delegation to UNCAD II New Delhi and member Nigerian delegation to United Nations for over 10 years.
Shettima Ali Monguno received keys to the cities of New York, Louisville, Kentucky, USA; Quito, Ecuador; and Lima, Peru.
Shettima Ali Monguno passed away at 95 years old.