Shelley Moore, British-born American jazz singer, Died at 84


Shelley Moore was born on March 10, 1932, in Essex, England and died on June 23, 2016.

She was an English-born American jazz singer.

In the 1950s, he performed in nightclubs and for American troops in England, appeared on British television and radio, and released several singles on the Columbia, Starlite and Esquire record labels, including two EPs, Portrait of Shelley and Kool Kanary.

Following her tour to the US with bandleader Vic Lewis, she began singing with the Ray McKinley band and then moved to America in 1961.

Moore was signed by the Argo label, a subsidiary of Chess Records.

Included on her first album, For the First Time, her accompanists included Ramsey Lewis, Plas Johnson, and Eddie Harris.

Shelley also wrote some of her own songs.

Moore married attorney Ken Golden and retired from the music industry in 1963 to raise a family.

Shelley returned to performing in the late 1970s, in clubs in the Orange County area.

During 1992, Moore released the album You Can Count on Me, which contained both standards and original songs.

Shelley Moore passed away at 84 years old.