Sándor Tarics, Hungarian water polo player


Sándor Tarics was born on September 23, 1913, in Budapest and died on May 21, 2016.

He was a Hungarian water polo player.

He won a gold medal during the 1936 Summer Olympics

Sandor was part of the Hungarian team which won the gold medal, pushing Germany into second.

Sándor Tarics played two matches and scored two goals.

He also won gold medals with the Hungarian team at the 1933, 1935 and 1937 International University Games as well as the unofficial, German-led 1939 International University Games.

Sándor Tarics was able to escape post-war Soviet-occupied Hungary when his engineering degree earned him a teaching fellowship at an American university.

Sándor Tarics went on to establish and grow a successful architecture and engineering practice in San Francisco, California.

Since 2013, he lived in Belvedere, California and was a member of the Belvedere Tennis Club.

Sándor Tarics attended the 2012 London Olympics as the oldest living Olympic champion and turned 100 in September 2013.

After the death of Attilio Pavesi, Tarics was the oldest living Olympic champion.

Sándor Tarics passed away at 102 yrs in San Francisco.