Sabino Acquaviva, Italian sociologist, Died at 88


Sabino Acquaviva was born on April 29, 1927, and died on December 29, 2015.

He was a sociologist Italian.

He specializes in the sociology of religion, but he also published on the sociology of science, the media, and socio-biology.

Sabino studied sociology of religion.

Sabino was best known for international fame for a book of 1961, called ‘The eclipse of the sacred in the industrial society’.

The book describes the theories on the disappearance of the sacred dimension (the transcendent, supernatural) from the daily life of modern man, noting ” secularization of the world “and the” secularization of religion. ”

According to Vincent Peace, “with his studies the sociology of religion will acquire the status of a scientific discipline. ”

Acquaviva then proceeded to deal with the religious books such as ‘Eros’, death and religious experience (Yale University Press, 1990) and God after God (Anchor, 2007).

Sabino taught from 1967 until 1971 at ‘ University of Trento then he was a professor of sociology at the Faculty of Political Science of the ‘ University of Padua.

Sabino Acquaviva was the director of the department of sociology from 1985 to 1988.

He has dedicated books on the Guerrilla and Revolutionary War in Italy (Rizzoli, 1979) and The seed of religious revolt (Rusconi 1979), in which he noted the topic of the transformation of the relationship between the individual and the sacred, even if the armed struggle.

Himself and German sociologist Gottfried Eisermann sociological research on the issue of ethnic minorities in South Tyrol, then published in summary in the controversial volume Tyrol. Division now? (Patron, 1981), which proposes the provision of territorial largely the province of Bolzano in favor of ‘ Austria.

He has collaborated several times with the Regional Council, which had become a reference for members of the Northern League.

Acquaviva was a member of the Scientific Committee of the Faculty of Law and Economics at the University of Nice.

He has written many books and contributed a lot to his field.

Sabino Acquaviva passed away at 88 yrs old.