Ryan Jimmo, Canadian mixed martial artist, Died at 34

Ryan Jimmo was born on November 27, 1981, and died on June 26, 2016.

He was a Canadian mixed martial artist.

He competed in the light heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Jimmo mostly fought in Canada, and competed on the eighth season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Ryan was also the former MFC Light Heavyweight Champion.

He has a background in karate, due to his father, who competed in Japan twice and was placed 5th in the world in his style,

Ryan started in the martial art from a very young age and was taught by his father, a 5th degree black belt.

Ryan Jimmo was captain of the football team and president of the chess club. He began amateur bodybuilding after breaking his leg from karate in 2004.

Jimmo made his professional debut at MFC 11 against former professional football player Adam Braidwood.

He was involved in a parking lot altercation early in the morning, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, after a truck ran him over, which he suffered injuries, that later killed him.

Ryan Jimmo passed away at 34 yrs old.