Russian jazz bassist, Roman Grinev, Died at 41


Roman Grinev was born on December 8, 1976 and died on November 4, 2018.

He was a Russian jazz bass player and co-founder of the Fusion Port ensemble.

During December 2006, The Fusion Port troupe was conceived.

The gathering frequently performed in Moscow clubs, and took an interest in the celebrations “House jazz”, “Void Hills”, “Island”, and so forth.

There are organizations by Roman Grinyov, Natalia Skvortsova and others, and also the first courses of action of jazz measures in the style of jazz-combination.

As indicated by starter information, Grinev passed on in the wake of tumbling from the window of his Moscow loft, situated on the seventeenth floor of a multi-story building.

As Grinev’s companions have stated, the reason for the occurrence is as yet obscure.

Relatives of the artist trust that the reason for death was Grinev’s illness.

Partner Grineva, Director of Victor Radzievskiy Jazz Agency said that the guitarist had a sickness like sleepwalking.

As per Radzievskiy, it is realized that the guitarist endured genuine head damage.

From that point onward, he experienced a medicinal examination and was determined to have a transient memory hindrance.

At the season of his demise, Grinev was living alone.

The artist left a youthful child.

Grinev passed away at 41 years old, under peculiar conditions.


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