Roland Cazimero, American guitarist, Died at 66


Roland Cazimero was born in 1950, and died on July 16, 2017.
He was a well-known Singer and guitarist.

Cazimero, a guitarist and singer who helped define the nobly mellifluous sound of contemporary Hawaiian music, primarily as one-half of The Brothers Cazimero, died in Honolulu on Sunday.

His twin sister, Kanoe, confirmed. No cause of death was given, though the artist suffered in recent years from congestive heart issues, diabetes and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Brothers Cazimero, with Robert on upright bass and Roland on 12-string acoustic guitar, had been a cornerstone of the Hawaiian music scene for the last 40 years, and arguably its singlemost influential group during that time.


The duo’s trademark sound, liltingly sweet but rhythmically strong, was always distinguished by a full-bodied vocal blend: Robert, an exceptionally gifted singer, sang lead, while Roland handled the high harmonies, often in an imploring Hawaiian falsetto.

The Brothers Cazimero took flight precisely in step with, and at the center of, a cultural movement called the Hawaiian Renaissance, propelled by musicians, artisans and custodians of ancient hula and chant.

In cadence and repertoire, the group honored the root sources of Hawaiian music. But Roland and Robert also had an instinct for pop songcraft, creating music that combined traditional materials with the earnest gleam of mainland folk-rockers like Crosby, Stills & Nash.

The self-titled debut album by The Brothers Cazimero was released in 1975; its most recent, Destiny, was released in 2008.

The duo was a perennial favorite at the Na Hoku Hanohano Awards, Hawaii’s version of the Grammys, winning enough “Song of the Year” honors to stock a compilation album, 20 Years of Hoku Award Winning Songs.

As a live act, The Brothers Cazimero presented a study in contrasts; while Cazimero struck a tone of elegant precision, Roland Cazimero played the part of a rascal and a wiseacre, which wasn’t a stretch.

Singer and guitarist Roland Cazimero passaway at 66 years old.