Rodney Smith, American photographer, Died at 68


Rodney Smith was born on December 24, 1947, and died on December 5, 2016.

He was a New York based fashion and portrait photographer.

He primarily photographed with a 35mm Leica M4 before he transitioned to a 120mm (medium format) Hasselblad with a 80mm lens.

Smith prefers natural light to illuminate his subjects, but occasionally will use continuous lighting.

He shot predominantly in black and white, until 2002, when he first began to experiment with color film.

Smith’s work is commonly referred to as classic, minimalistic, and whimsical.

He lived and worked in New York, New York, with his wife, Leslie Smolan, and daughter, Savannah.

Smith’s wife, Leslie, was the co-founder of graphic design and branding firm, Carbone Smolan Agency.

Rodney Smith passed away at 68 years old.