Robin Stewart, British actor, Died at 69


Robin Stewart was born on October 9, 1946, and died on November 22, 2015.

He was an English actor who is best known for playing Mike Abbott in the 1970s sitcom Bless This House.

Robin acted on television and in feature films in both the UK and Australia.

Some of his British film roles include Tamahine, The Haunted House of Horror, Cromwell, Adventures of a Private Eye, and The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires as Leyland Van Helsing.

Robin played the role of Mike Abbott in sit-com series Bless This House during its entire 1971–76 run; due to prior commitments he did not feature in the film version of the series.

After being asked to go to New Zealand for a telethon and subsequently taken back to host his own show, Robin ended up being asked to relocate where he became involved with such soaps as The Young Doctors as a villainous character trying to silence a blind patient who had overheard his criminal acts, and Sons and Daughters as the villainous doctor Ross Newman.

Other roles in Australia included a lead role in sex comedy feature film Pacific Banana (1981), and an appearance in prison based soap opera Punishment.

Robin was also one of the main characters in The Timeless Land, playing the role of John MacArthur.

He played one of the supporting roles in the rock series Sweet and Sour (1984 TV series) for ABC; co-hosted the Good Morning Sydney with Maureen Duval.

Briefly, Robin was the advertising executive for Rolling Stone magazine and hosted, produced and co-hosted Midweek Live for DDQ TV.

For 18 months Robin was the senior producer for FNQTV in Cairns.

His death on 22 November 2015 was announced by his official website.

Robin passed away at age 69.