Robin Hardy, British film director, Died at 86

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Robin St. Clair Rimington Hardy was born on October 2, 1929, in England and died on July 1, 2016.

He was an English author and film director.

Hardy most famous directorial work was The Wicker Man, and his last project was a film adaptation of his novel Cowboys for Christ, which has been retitled as The Wicker Tree.

Robin studied art in Paris.

Hardy started his career as a film director with the National Film Board of Canada and in the US where he made television dramas and was a partner in a film company with Anthony Shaffer for 13 years.

Robin Hardy went back to London where he made television commercials.

Robin Hardy wrote historical novels and was involved in creating historical theme parks in the US.

Along with the Cowboys for Christ, Hardy has published a novelization of The Wicker Man, as well as the novel The Education of Don Juan.

Robin Hardy passed away at 86 years old.