Rickey Grundy, Gospel musician, Died at 56

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Dead, Ricky R. Grundy (January 30, 1959 – July 27, 2015), who goes by the stage name Rickey Grundy, was an American gospel musician and leader of The Rickey Grundy Chorale.


He started his music career, in 1988, with Sparrow Records releasing Spirit Come Down, and they have released the two albums that placed on the Billboard magazine Gospel Albums chart. Grundy died on July 27, 2015, after a season of health complications.

Grundy was born Ricky R. Grundy on January 30, 1959 in Los Angeles, California, who graduated from high school at 15 years old, and went onto the University of Southern California to study music at their conservatory of music.

His music recording career started in 1988, with the release of Spirit Come Down by Sparrow Records, and this charted on the Billboard magazine Gospel Albums chart at No. 22. The subsequent album, The Rickey Grundy Chorale, was released in 1990, and this placed at No. 10 on the aforementioned chart.