Ric Suggitt, Canadian rugby union coach, Died at 58


Ric “Sluggo” Suggitt was born on October 30, 1958 and died on June 27, 2017.

He was a Canadian rugby union footballer and a rugby union coach.

He was also the Head Coach of the USA Women’s 7’s Olympic team and was the head coach at University of Lethbridge.

Ric Suggitt had to leave competitive rugby at a young age due to successive shoulder injuries. Then, he began his international coaching career.

He was the coach of the female Canada national team and the men’s national seven-a-side team, when he was appointed to the post of coach of the male Canada national rugby union team, in 2004.

With him the national team achieved qualification to the 2007 Rugby World Cup finals by beating the USA Eagles 56-7.

Ric Suggitt passed away at 58 years old.