Ria Vedder-Wubben, Dutch politician, Died at 65


Hendrika Cornelia Maria “Ria” Vedder-Wubben was born on May 20, 1951, in the Hague, and died on August 23, 2016.
She was a Dutch politician.
He was a member of the Christian Democratic Appeal she served in the Senate from 2003 to 2011.
During her Senate she was concerned with pensions and tax law.
Vedder-Wubben attended the Hogere Burgerschool in Rijswijk.
In the end she studied to become an actuary.
Vedder-Wubben spend her career in the field of acturial science and pension advisement.
She became politically active for the Christian Democratic Appeal in The Hague.
Vedder-Wubben subsequently became member of the Senate for the party, serving from 10 June 2003 until 7 June 2011.
During 2010 a government plan to cut the Algemene Ouderdomswet partner allowance was likely to fail in the vote in the Senate, with Vedder-Wubben devising a new plan from which the government went ahead.
Vedder-Wubben passed away at 65 years old.