Rema Messinger, Israeli actress, died at 46

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Dead. Rema Messinger, a Hebrew, born September 3, 1968 and died August 18, 2015 of cancer, she was an Israeli actress and voice actress.

Messinger was born and raised in Ramat Ef’al, Israel. She was named after her uncle (her mother’s brother), Rami Gil (Mogilnik) who was an Israeli Air Force pilot who fell a year before she was born.

She studied at the Thelma Yellin High School of Performing Arts. In the Israel Defense Forces, she served in the Southern Command Variety Ensemble along with Einat Erlich, Haya Samir, Yaron Kafkafi, and more. After being discharged, she studied at the Beit Zvi Acting School.

On 18 August 2015, Messinger died due to cancer at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv at the age of 46. She lived at the moshav Bnei Atarot, was married to composer and artist Aric Avigdor, and had three children.

Messinger played important roles in many plays in many theaters across Israel, but mainly at the national theater Habima, in plays such as Solo, Halon Balahot, Hops Ve Hopale (1991), Three Sisters, Hamefakeah Ba, Kukuriku, Sirano, Kaner Al Hagag (2008), and Meshartam Shel Shnei Adonim – a role for which Messinger won a Rosenblum Prize for Performing Arts and a Tamara Rubins Prize.

At Beit Lessin Theater she participated in plays such as Piaf (2003), She was Born Just Yesterday (2004), and A Little Voice (1999) for which she won an Israel Prize for best actor of the year.

At Haifa Theater she performed in Amadeus and Iluf Hasoreret. At Beersheba Theater she performed in Love Letters (2001), and Hamafteah Leshnaim. She also made appearances on The Tal and Rema Show.

Messinger participated in many productions in which she demonstrated her singing abilities. She played the main character in several musicals, such as Habima Theater’s play Habarvazon (2001), Haifa Theatre’s play Imra La Dos, and Tslilei Hamusika (2005).

She also participated in the shows Kolot and Shlosha Beshira Ahat in 2008 alongside Dror Keren and Uri Lashman, and in Omrim Shehi Cuckoo in 2009 alongside Sarit Vino-Elad as part of a fundraising day for the Israeli Women’s Network.

She performed with many Israeli orchestras such as the Holon Jazz Orchestra, with the Israeli Symphonic Orchestra of Rishon LeZion and the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center in the concert Chansons, with the Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra in The Seven Sins as part of the Israel Festival, and with the Israel Broadcasting Authority Orchestra.

In 2006, she worked for the first time as a director in the play Meorim, written by Amir Rotem and Yael Neeman for the Pothim Masah festival.

The play featured Amir Fei Gutmann, Oshik Levi, Oshri Cohen, Tal Mosseri, and other Israeli actors.Messinger took part in many children’s television programs. In 1996, she hosted the TV shows Shuvo shel Hasharif, and in 2008 hosted Zu Yalduti, both on the Hinuchit channel.

Later, she hosted Malkat Halvavot on the Viva channel. She acted in several comedy television programs, such as Tsahal 1 (1997), Shtok Show, Shirei Tel’ad, Sefi, the artistic corner of Zehu Ze, and the drama Sex, Lies, and Dinner.

In 2005 she acted in the children’s TV series Terale’s Igloo on the HOP Channel, and Amaliya’s Heart on HOT. In 2011, she performed in the daily drama program Alifim on Arutz HaYeladim, playing the prime minister’s wife and the stepmother of the protagonist of the show Rony Metzger.

In 2000, Messinger performed as an actor and singer on Datya Ben Dor’s children’s cassette Mahsan Hashtuzim Shel Datya, along with Rami Baruch and Michal Tsfir.

Toward the end of 2014, she performed as Iris (the mother of Daniel, played by Ian Pinkovic) in the series The North Star on YES Disney Channel.