Refik Erduran, Turkish playwright, columnist and writer, Died at 88


Refik Erduran was born on February 13, 1928 , and died on January 7, 2017.

He was a Turkish playwright, columnist and writer.

His parents were Hüsamettin Erduran and his wife Refika in Salacak in Üsküdar district of Istanbul, Turkey.

Refik Erduran had a four-year elder sister named Leyla.

Erduran grew up with a French Catholic nanny, who spoke only French.

Erduran learned so that language very early and very well.

During 1938, Erduran entered Robert College in Istanbul.

Following his graduating from the high school, he went to the United States in 1947, where he was educated in History of theatre at Cornell University.

After going back home, Erduran entered compulsory military service as reserve officer, and was sent to the Turkish Brigade during the Korean war (1950–1953) to serve as an interpreter.

Erduran married four times.

Erduranmade his first marriage to poet Nazım Hikmet’s stepsister Melda Kalyoncu, in 1950 who gave birth to their son Murat in 1953.

His marriage lasted five years.

Erduran marriad to journalist Leyla Umar in 1958.

They divorced two years later, continued, however, their togetherness until 1977.

During 1992, he married to Tülay Güngör.

Erduran’s third marriage lasted also five years.

Erduran married in 1997 to Pınar (born 1965), the daughter of his third wife from her earlier marriage.

That wife bore him a son Ferhat (born 1997) and the twins Kerem and İpek (born 2002).

That marriage was annulled in 2003 by a court decision after a claim filed by a lawyer.

During June 1951, he helped Nazım Hikmet escape Turkey to Moscow via Romania by taking a boat on the Black sea.

He died in Edirne.

Refik Erduran passed away at 88 years old.