Ramón Xirau, Spanish-born Mexican poet, philosopher and literary critic, Died at 93


Ramon Xirau Subias was born on January 20, 1924, in Barcelona, Spain and died on July 27, 2017, in Mexico City.

He was a Mexican poet, philosopher and literary critic.

Durin 1939, soon after the outbreak of the Spanish civil war, Ramon emigrated to Mexico where he obtained Mexican citizenship in 1955.

Subias obtained a Master’s Degree in philosophy at the UNAM and an honorary doctorate from the Universidad de las Américas.

Ramon was a research faculty member of the UNAM y and the National System of Researchers.

While he was at the UNAM, Subias taught at the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature and did research at the Institute of Philosophy Research.

Subias was a member of the Colegio Nacional since 1973.

Ramon received the Legion of Honour from France and the Isabel la Católica from Spain awards as well as the Cruz de Saint Jordi from the Generalitat of Catalonia for his works in essay and academics in Spanish and Catalan literature.

Ramon Xirau Subias passed away at 93 years old.