Ralph Ketner, American businessman and philanthropist, Died at 95


Ralph Walter Ketner was born on September 20, 1920, and died on May 29, 2016.

He was an American businessman and philanthropist.

Ketner was known for being the founder of Food Lion (originally founded as Food Town).

He founded the grocery store chain in the 1950s.

He was an active philanthropist throughout his career.

Ralph Ketner donated about 35% of his profit to charity especially those that tackle child hunger.

Ralph Ketner grew up during the Great Depression.

Ketner received his education at Tri-State College in Angola, Indiana.

Ralph Ketner was enlisted in the US Army in 1935 to fight in World War II.

Anne Blizzard was his wife, together they had two children.

Ralph Ketner was also a Presbyterian.

Ralph Ketner was hospitalized and diagnosed with colon cancer in Salisbury, in March 2016.

Ralph Ketner passed away at 95 yrs old.