Pocho La Pantera, Argentine singer, Died at 65


Ernesto Gauna was born on November 29, 1950, and died on November 1, 2016.

He was known professionally as Pocho La Pantera (Spanish: Pocho the Panther),

He was an Argentine master of ceremonies, actor, singer of Argentine cumbia, and author of successes with El hijo de Cuca (1990), Me dicen la pantera (1991) and El paso de la fiesta (2016).

He was raised in Córdoba.

Also to his musical work, the singer, he performed in various activities throughout his life, from his start as a student of geology and theology in Australia until his appearances as an actor in various series, both in television series and online and offline.

Pocho La Pantera took his first steps in music in the 1980’s.

Working with Ricky Maravilla, Alcides, Lía Crucet, Gladys la bomba tucumana and Gilda, he is a benchmark in the genre of the cumbia in Argentina.

Pocho La Pantera wrote on subjects as “El hijo de Cuca”, “Bailando con la gorda”, “A mover el esqueleto”, “La arañita”, “Señorita diga quien es”, “Cantinero le bajo la caña”, “Me dicen la pantera”, “Comprale un choripan”, among many others.

Pocho La Pantera’s confession to his drug addiction and his eternal struggle with this problem that determined for several years on television media added to his image.

During 2015, photographs of him naked with tanned skin became viral on the internet and Whatsapp among young audiences.

He was covert to evangelicalism, he married Viviana Basilia («La Griega») Pastor Giménez, one of the best-known Evangelical pastors in Argentina, officiated his wedding.

But, his passage by the Evangelical Church was rather short, he managed to record a cassette, two CD and a video (VHS).

Pocho La Pantera recorded an advertisement for Pepsi company next to the footballer of Argentine Ezequiel Lavezzi, in 2013.

He died due renal Carcinoma.

Pocho La Pantera passed away at 65 years old.


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