Piroska Oszoli, Hungarian painter, Died at 98


Piroska Oszoli (née Névery) was born on January 21, 1919, in Dunaföldvár, Hungary and died onMarch 22, 2017.

She was a Hungarian painter, “The lover of the Danube and the beautiness”.

She was born in a Roman Catholic baron family on 21 January 1919.

When she finished her studies, she taught literature and history in Budapest.

Piroska Oszoli master as an amateur artist was the note Transylvanian painter Ferenc Doór (1918–2015).

Since 1947, after having returned in her native village to teach painting for schoolchildren, she completed her art studies as well.

Piroska Oszoli’s husband was István Oszoli, a high school biology and chemistry teacher from 1949 until his death in 2003.

Together, they have two sons, István (b. 1950) and András (b. 1953).

When she completed teaching she became a pensioner, and started her painting as an individual artist.

Piroska Oszoli worked all around her village and neighborhood, after in Hungary, at Lake Balaton for example, and also in some beautiful places of Europe, from Italy to Norway, and from Germany to Croatia.

Piroska Oszoli had numerous expositions in her Country.

Oszoli’s paintings are scattered around the World from Austria to New Zealand.

Oszoli died in her home in Dunaföldvár.

Piroska Oszoli passed away at 98 years old.