Pierre DesRuisseaux, Canadian poet, Died at 70


Pierre DesRuisseaux was born in 1945, in Sherbrooke, Quebec and January 18, 2016.

He was a Canadian poet.

Pierre was named the fourth Canadian Parliamentary Poet Laureate on April 28, 2009.

Mr.DesRuisseaux previously won the Governor General’s Award for French language poetry in 1989 for his collection Monème.

He was also nominated for the Governor General’s Award for English to French translation in 1996 for Contre-taille, an anthology of translated poetry by English Canadian writers.

“Mr.DesRuisseaux career-long fascination with Canada’s literary traditions and history make him an excellent choice to engage us, as Canadians, in dialogue about the importance of verse in our national culture,” Speaker of the Canadian Senate Noel Kinsella said about DesRuisseaux.

Mr.DesRuisseaux wrote the Livre des proverbes québécois and Dictionnaire des expressions québécoises, chosen by the Quebec Association for Intercultural Education as a work representative of Quebec’s popular culture.

Pierre DesRuisseaux passed away at 70 yrs old on January 18, 2016.