Pericoma Okoye, Nigerian singer, Dead


Chief Pericoma Mesuo Okoye died on February 16, 2017.
He was a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and traditionist.
His first name ‘Pericoma’ could alternatively be spelt as ‘Pericomo’ ‘Perry-Coma’ and ‘Perry-Koma’ he is predominantly known throughout the Igboland for his strong belief and practice of African traditional religion.
Okoye was born in a community named Arondizuogu, a community that occupies three local government areas namely; Ideato North, Okigwe, and Onuimo.
Pericoma Okoye’s music style could be best defined, described and explained as oral rendition of the culture, proverbs, as well as the tradition of the Igbo people.
Pericoma Okoye passed away in 2017.