Per Beskow, Swedish biblical scholar, Died at 89


Per E. Beskow was born in1926, in Stockholm and died on March 3, 2016.

He was a Swedish biblical scholar.

His Strange Tales (of 1985) was a collection of essays and researches into modern apocrypha, what Beskow later (2011) preferred to term “mystifications.”

Some of these included investigations into Edmund Bordeaux Szekely’s hoax “Essene Letter” (1937) and others.

However, strange Tales was one of the first books to cast doubt on Morton Smith’s Secret Gospel of Mark.

Then, Smith responded by threatening to sue Fortress Press.

Also Strange Tales (1985) also covered, in English, the subject of his earlier Jesus i Kashmir : Historien om en legend (1981) dealing with claims of Jesus’ travels to India.

He had updated his researches on these “mysteries” in The Blackwell Companion to Jesus (2011).

Per Beskow passed away at 89 yrs old.