Paul Byttebier, Belgian physician and civil servant, Died at 93

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Paul Byttebier was born on April 4, 1923, and died on August 5, 2016.
He was a Belgian physician and civil servant.
He attended the University Universitas movement of canon Albert Dondeyne and was an active member.
Since 1945, the board of the Catholic Flemish Student Alliance (KVHU) Prof. Dondeyne Byttebier learned to combine faith with culture and science.
Paul met others whilst he spent time there, such as Pieter De Somer and Josué Vandenbroucke.
During postwar era, Universitasgroep exerted an influence on religious practice, politics and even in medical practice.
In 1949, he relocated to Kontich, married Josette De Boodt (Ghent, March 17, 1926), daughter of agricultural engineer and later Belgian Minister of Reconstruction August De Boodt.
Paul and Josette De Boodt have five children, including the later councilor of Antwerp, Johan Byttebier.
He had 9 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.
He died in Antwerp.
Paul Byttebier passed away at 93 years old.