Patricia Quintana

Talented Mexican Chef, writer, businesswoman, and professor Patricia Quintana was born in 1946 and died on November 26, 2018.

She was a noble international cook and expert in Mexican gastronomy.

She was an expert in Mexican provincial cooking who was conceived in México and concentrated abroad in Canada, Switzerland and France — later coming back to Mexico as a perceived gourmet expert.

Quintana studied and instructed genealogical Mexican cooking blended with the traditional food.

Quintana was the proprietor of the eatery Izote in City of Mexico from 2001 to 2013 yet surrendered to begin a dinner cooking organization.

Quintana was the maker of the brand of dressings “Gavilla”, a brand under which today has around 16 items. She coordinated the menus that were served on board Mexican carriers.

Quintana worked on several television programs and she also wrote articles about cuisine for several newspapers and magazines, both domestic and international.

Patricio Pasquel was the daughter of Quintana.

Patricia passed away at 72 years old due to natural causes.


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