Pakistani politician, Jam Saqi, Died at 73


Jam Saqi was born on October 31, 1944, and died on March 5, 2018.
He was a left-wing politician from Sindh, Pakistan.
Previously, Saqi was the general secretary of the Communist Party of Pakistan.
He was imprisoned for over 15 years because of his political activities.
During that period while he was in jail, his wife Sukhan have suicided as she read a newspaper in which she read news assumption about Jam Saqi death.
Saqi left the Communist Party in 1991 and joined the Pakistan Peoples Party and the Trotskyist The Struggle group.
Akhtar Sultana was his wife.
Saqi died on March 5, 2018, due to kidney failure in Hyderabad, Sindh.
Jam Saqi died at 73 years old.