Päivi Paunu, Finnish singer, Died at 70


Päivi Paunu was born on September 20, 1946, in Helsinki, and died on December 14, 2016.

She was a Finnish singer.

She performed in the 1972 Eurovision contest in the United Kingdom with the song “Muistathan” (“I Hope You Remember”).

She started as a folk singer at mid 60s singing at folk concerts in Helsinki.

She was asked to make records her first published single was “Aamulla varhain” / “Mene ikkunani luota” in 1966.

Her first single gained attention as B-side “Mene ikkunani luota” got full points at Levyraati (“Record Panel”).

That single was followed by album Päivi Paunu in 1966.

Päivi Paunu passed away at 70 years old.