Padraig Duggan, Irish folk musician, Died at 68

Padraig Duggan was born on January 23, 1949, in Gweedore, County Donegal and died on August 9, 2016.

He was a Irish folk musician.

He played the guitar and mandolin.

He was one of the founding members of the group ‘The Duggans’.

He was a twin, the brothers, Noel and Pádraig Duggan came to prominence in the 1970s with the folk group Clannad and took a ten-year break after winning a Grammy Award for their 1998 album Landmarks.

The group later toured extensively with their band Norland Wind.

The duo were identified and introduced to television by Tony MacMahon, and in 2005 released their first studio album Rubicon, which featured Moya Brennan, Finbar Furey and Orla Fallon among others.

Which was met with critical acclaim and sold well throughout Ireland.

Padraig Duggan passed away at 68 years old.