Pablo Manavello, Italian–born Venezuelan musician, Died at 65


Pablo Manavello/Paolo Manavello was born on May 21, 1950, in Rome, Italy and died on January 18, 2016.

He was an Italian-born–Venezuelan composer, guitarist, singer and songwriter.

Pablo began his career in the early 70s in Caracas and participated in more than 50 albums (including his own).

Manavello also worked for many recognized Hispanic artists such as Ricardo Montaner, Chayanne, Carlos Vives, Shakira, Ricky Martin, Antonio De Carlo, Soraya, Melissa, Paralamas, and many others, and scored films and TV shows.

Pablo began his career in the mid-60s with Los Memphis, a pop-rock band from Caracas influenced by The Beatles.

Los Memphis issued their first album in 1967 and another one in 1969 before disbanding.

After that, he founded Sangre, which released a self-titled album 1971.

Pablo served as a session musician before mixing with Juan Michelena in the protest album “Dicen que soy…” in 1977 and joining Vytas Brenner’s Venezuelan fusion band Ofrenda.

In 1979, Pablo released Cosas Sencillas, his first solo album and began a successful career as composer and producer of many Latin artists and bands.

Pablo Manavello then interrupted his career after receiving a scholarship from the Venezuelan Government to study film scoring in Berklee College of Music.

Mr. Manavello graduated in 1982, and by the late 80s became one of the Latin’s top music producers.

Pablo debut as composer and producer was in Ricardo Montaner’s first album in 1986.

The album was certified multi-platinum in Venezuela and reached #1 on the Billboard Latin Pop Albums chart.

Next, he worked as producer and composer for other Venezuelan acts like Melissa, Kiara and Ilan Chester.

Hereafter, Pablo Manavello moved to Miami, Florida, where he continued to producing records for Olga Tañón and Luis Fonsi, among others.

Pablo Manavello passed away at 65 yrs old.